Honest Truth and Meal Delivery Service

Honest truth you guys…so I’ve been on Arbonne’s Breakfast Club for three weeks now but I totally failed the week of July 4th. After a really embarrassing night of one too many drinks, then recovering and then giving into my cravings and convenience of take out most of the week I gained 5 pounds from about a week ago. Ugh. I’ve been really pushing myself a lot at work, and at home trying to make sure our home is clean. During this pandemic a fear of mine is some of the viruses we may bring home may spread to our household surfaces, so my anxiety has been higher this week. A local news sources came out with an article saying there has been a rise and spike in Covid cases in our area. Which doesn’t surprise me a whole lot but at the same time it does because based off the number of people that I’ve seen not wearing masks at my grocery store down the street and then there’s a good chunk of a marginalized community members in South Seattle, many of which who lack a good source of health care and education about health. So Covid definitely has it’s grips on my mind this week, so my stress and anxiety has increased.

On top of that for some reason my toddler’s sleep schedule has been strange, hence mine too. He refuses to take naps at home, and likes to stay up late with my husband on the weekends. I adore structure and normal evening routines and I want my son to understand the importance of sleep and routines.
Anyways, what I’m trying to get at is that self-care is needed in this house. My brain has been working overtime lately so I’ve been taking naps. Which is new for me. I’m one of those types that hits it hard 10 hours a day and then I rest. But with COVID and my kids unusual sleep disruptions I’ve been finding myself falling asleep on the couch. I still want to lose weight, so to add my protein meal/drink replacement I’m going to drink more water, like, A LOT more.
I’ve also started a meal delivery service to lessen some of the stress I have about what to cook for my family. This has been a struggle for me for years. Before the pandemic, I rarely had the energy to plan and prep dinner. I tried an app called Emeals but again that requires time to pick and shop for the ingredients. I’ve seen meal delivery services out there before but was always hesitant about spending the kind of money on something I can just do myself for cheaper. But out of sake to save some sanity and guesswork out of meal planning, I handed it over to Hello Fresh. I went for their minimum 2 meals per week with 4 people servings. I stuck with a family friendly meal menu since my toddler surprises me once and a while by eating at the dinner table. (He’s a nibbler at dinner) Into my second week with Hello Fresh, I have say I’m enjoying it. It comes in one medium sized box once a week on the day of choice via UPS. Everything in the box is perfectly portioned for the recipes, ripe, cold and fresh. I would say if you aren’t an experienced cook and new to the kitchen, Hello Fresh may not be for you. I have my ingredients shipped to arrive on Fridays so that I can cook the recipes on the weekends. My only gripes about this service is that it can be a little pricey and to keep the ingredients frozen/cold they use a water soluble frozen gel which they make you dispose of. Very heavy in my garbage bag! Otherwise it’s been a lifesaver on the weekends. It takes the guesswork out of what to feed my family on the weekends when all I want to do is relax. I recommend! If you are interested in signing up, feel free to send me message or comment on this post with your email contact and I get you a great introductory offer for Hello Fresh.

Cheers everyone! I’m going to go cook dinner!

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