Entrepreneurship & losing weight

It has been a minute since I wrote anything in my blog. And I’m sorry for those who liked reading my weekly posts. Time and stress got the best of me, I thought I was going to take a couple weeks off then it turned to a month to several months. But I’m back and ready to share more of my journey and recipes!
This past Spring I did some self-reflection and didn’t like what I saw in the mirror. Despite my content with my office 9-5 job I wanted to tackle my yearning to return to college and take on a new hobby.

In May I was accepted to The University of Washington for one their certificate programs and the same week I started my Arbonne business. What is Arbonne? It’s a company that sells botanically based products that supports a healthy lifestyle. The way we sell the products is via network marketing. A very social and interactive way to talk to people. I mostly knew what I was getting into, as my husband and I have bought items from network marketing consultants before. I also wanted to tackle my own personal goal to improving my overall health and wellbeing. It took me a little while before I wanted to get back to regular exercise after I had my son a few years ago. I had my son via cesarean so recovery was slow. Then a dark storm of grief hit our family. We lost 6 immediate family members within two years. So self improvement got put on the back burner, like way back. In efforts to control my yearning to reach for alcohol when I felt sad I instead went to the fridge, or bought take out. So after a couple of years, my baby pudge just turned to fat and my energy level and interest in stuff declined. This past winter I knew I wanted to get myself in better shape. I signed up for a gym membership and it quickly turned into an inconvenience, so I quit the gym and bought an at home membership on Daily Burn, a widely accessible app that has many at home exercises you can do in your living room. After some time I realized I wanted more of a supportive program that would help me and keep me on track. I looked into weight loss programs like Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem but knew I didn’t want to make a huge transition just quite yet. With picky eaters in my house I knew I had to apply myself in a program that I still could occasionally cook and eat items that are usually on the naughty list. (greasy bacon burgers and sugar filled breakfast). Before I had my son, I held a government job that had required odd hours so I needed to keep my body in shape. Back then I drank water all the time, I ran on average 3-5 miles per week, and made sure I got enough sleep. Fast forward, I’m quite the opposite.
So after some time getting know the Arbonne business, I knew I needed to work on my own personal story and showcase my journey. On Sunday I started my goal to lose 28 pounds! I looked my BMI (body mass index) and I’m about 28 lbs over where I should be with my age and height. It’s really not a huge amount of weight to lose but do this I have retrain my brain and create new healthy habits and kick unhealthy habits.

165 pounds (You can clearly see I I have pets, so much dog fur!)

To accomplish this weight loss goal, I’m starting regular exercise and Arbonne’s Breakfast Club. What is it? It’s a nutrition program that gives you a soft start to tackle health goals. Arbonne does have their famous 30 Day Challenge but again, I wasn’t ready to take a full dive, as the 30 day requires elimination of coffee, alcohol, dairy, wheat, soy and artificial sweeteners. Blah! So instead I’m taking a softer approach. The Breakfast Club is basically replacing one meal per day with a protein shake and/or protein smoothie and supporting products such as their detox tea, and energy fizz sticks.

So each week I will be showcasing my progress with no strict time limit, but just a window view of my goal and experience with the products I use and sell. Because it’s easier to attack and maintaining your goals in a group, I encourage any of you to try the program with me! Your goals are achievable and I want to help you with whatever your targets or ambitions are. If you are interested in taking the program with me or want to check out more from Arbonne please send me an email or find me on social media. πŸ™‚

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