Easy Spam Musubi

I’ve been wanting to make this for a while and I finally added the ingredients to my shopping list. Surprisingly it’s easier than I thought. Spam musubi! From what I read a common snack in Hawaii. My guess is that if you don’t like sushi in general, you may not like spam musubi. I think it’s the seaweed wrap most people don’t like. My husband thinks it’s such a weird concept eating seaweed. My Coast Salish heritage loves seafood in general, so eating not so common seafood isn’t foreign to me. Maybe I’ll do a recipe with salmon roe one of these weeks.
This was my first time working with nori paper. You can find nori paper in the international foods section at the grocery store. It’s generally pretty cheap. The trick to working with nori is getting slightly damp and toasting it with believe or not your standard toaster. Why toast nori? It will bring some of the flavor out of it as well as smell good.
Wet a couple of plate-sized paper towels, let one out, lay the nori paper and then place the other towel on top. Gently press down to get the nori paper to soak some moisture. Then push down your toaster to warm up, once warm enough, glide the nori paper back and forth on top of the toaster until you start to see/feel it crisp. You do this process ahead of time so that you’re ready to make the rolls. Just make sure to keep the sheets moist.
Of course, you can put your own twist on this recipe, like adding avocado slices, different spices, adding more protein like eggs or change up the flavour of Spam. I used bacon flavoured for this recipe. Play around a little.
For the rice, you want to make sure you have some that’s sticky enough to form. I bought a special bag of roasted garlic jasmine rice. And wow! My house smelled amazing. Totally worth it. Shout it if want to learn where I got it from.
This recipe makes forming the musubi easy. You use the original Spam can it comes in and some saran wrap. So rinse out the can, wipe it down and save it!
This makes about 6 rolls, enough for a family snack. Wrap it in saran wrap, take it on the go.

Prep time (setting up wrap station):10 minutes Cook time (fried Spam): 15 minutes


1 can of sliced and cooked Spam
2 tablespoons sauce
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
3 sheets of nori sheets
2 cups of cooked rice


  1. Start by setting up your roll station. Moisten the paper towels on a plate, cooled down cooked Spam slices and rice. Line the inside of the can of Spam with saran wrap.
  2. For the sauce, combine the soy sauce and sugar with a fork. Set aside with a basting brush.
  3. Starting with the first nori sheet, cut in half with kitchen scissors or a sharp knife. Again this process can be done ahead of time. Just keep moist.
  4. Using a spoon, spoon a couple of scoops of rice into saran lined Spam can and gently press to the bottom.
  5. Grab a slice of cooked Spam, add on top of rice and gently press down.
  6. Pull the saran wrap up out of the can. Gently unfold and brush soy sauce mix on top of Spam.
  7. Take the form out of the wrap and place on the end of the precut nori sheet. Gently start rolling the sheet into a roll. Press the ends of the nori into the rice to stick.
  8. Repeat process! Enjoy!
Step 4
Step 6
Step 7

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