Fried Squash Blossoms

I was reading a cookbook from the library and it had a recipe for stuffed fried squash blossoms. It took me by surprise because I have never come across a recipe where you cooked and ate a flower. I remember stumbling into a vegan restaurant once because I was beyond hungry and I didn’t want to walk any further, I sat down and the waiter told me to feel to eat the flowers on the table, as they were the free appetizer that came with the meal. I ate the edible flowers and was completely turned off from vegan food at that point.
I recently started listening to a local Indigenous podcast, and the topic was eating Indigenous food and why it’s good for you. I did a little research on local Indigenous foods and found that it was common for Native’s to eat squash blossoms, cooked or raw. They are high in vitamin A & C. Anyways, the take away I got from that podcast episode was the next time you go grocery shopping, “take your ancestors with you”. Basically look at what’s sold and ask yourself, would your ancestors eat this? If yes, buy it. So that has stuck with me and I scanned our local farm produce stand and found they sold bundles of squash blossoms. I remember seeing a squash blossom recipe I’ve been wanting to try, so here you go! It’s not stuffed just plain deep fry batter. But if I did stuff these, I would use wild rice and maybe some kind of cheese.
My husband gave it a try and said it mostly tasted like the fried batter and a little bit of the blossom, he didn’t like it. And my toddler isn’t a fan of fried foods unless it’s fries or a corn dog. Oh well, I like it. If I could compare it to something, it’s really similar to eating fried asparagus, if you’ve ever had that.
I used a basic beer batter for this recipe, which makes the outer part really crunchy and really coats the flower nicely.
You will most likely only find squash blossoms sold at farm stands, farmers markets or specialty grocery stores. I highly recommend this recipe as an appetizer or just plain snack food. It’s definitely a discussion piece at the table.

Total time: 30 minutes


Bundle of squash blossoms
2” frying oil (vegetable or corn)
1 ½ cups of all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon salt
11 or 12 oz of lager beer or club soda


  1. Heat the oil in a fryer safe pot to medium until it reaches approximately 350°
  2. Using a medium /large mixing bowl combine flour and salt and then wisk beer or club soda into flour. Try to not over mix, it’s ok to have some lumps. Overmixing will deflate the batter.
  3. One at a time dip and or sweep flowers into batter and twist or shake off excess, add flowers to heated oil. Don’t overcrowd the pot.
  4. Fry each flower until it’s browned and lay on a paper towel on a plate to drain oil. Serve immediately, the colder it gets, the batter gets gooey.

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