I’m a Americana Mama

Welcome Y’all!

Hi there! My name is Pam and I welcome you to my blog, Americana Mama. I’m a mother and wife here in Seattle Washington. This is an introduction to everything this site is about. I’ll share a little about myself and why I decided to take on my own website. 

First and foremost, this site is dedicated to my lifestyle, my little family’s funny stories, recipes, and product reviews. It hit me one day while browsing through the Pier One Import store. I found myself always wanting to find new recipes that my husband and toddler approved all while keeping the thrill of cooking alive. I’m always looking for a quirky vintage or country-themed table/cookware. I give credit to my mother who always did the same thing at thrift stores. Anything that made my home feel like home. Little investments to make me WANT to stay home. Lord knows, with the mortgage we’re paying for we should spend more time at home anyway. Makes sense though right? Why spend all our money on experiences elsewhere when you could be making them in your own house for cheaper. Of course, we don’t spend all of our time at home but my point if you’re spending a good chunk just for the roof over your head, you could be saving money by investing at home.

I enjoy cooking, mostly for the reason of the pleasure of watching others eat my creations. That fulfillment when I hear my son yell “Yum!” when he eats a new recipe of mine. When I see my husband go for seconds. It’s my little gold medal for doing this motherhood thing right. I want to share my family recipes. I want to share with you all with a little time and effort you can create simple, delicious home-cooked meals. Our family is a firm believer and practicer of good old fashioned around the table eatin’. 

My blog name Americana Mama stems from our family view on buying and using American made products when ever possible and our patriotic love for this country. Don’t worry I won’t touch politics here. Our patriotism roots from our family’s military service. 

I’ve seen the reactions to people when I tell them what happened to me and my family over the weekend, 95% of the time it’s usually something funny my kid or our dogs did. I want readers to know that imperfections make family life so much more interesting. Our kid and dogs make for some really great stories. 

Product reviews and shout outs also play a part in how I make these blog posts. Since I make a effort to buying local and sustainable items, I like to tell followers where to buy it, and if it’s worth it. 

I will share my gardening hobby here too. I have a green thumb but I don’t garden as much as I want to. I plant with vegetables, herbs, fruit, and flowers. I’m not the only one who likes to garden, so I will share tips and plant fails and successes. We garden to practice self-sufficiency, to one day move out to the country and live off the grid. 

I hope to gain all your guy’s following by sharing knowledge and stories of a little domestic family with big dreams. 

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